fluteck™ P8500 GL 15% Glass-Filled PTFE

fluteck™ P8500 GL 15% glass-filled PTFE is available in sheet, rod, tube, and finished parts. This material is:

Download the fluteck™ P8500 GL 15% Glass-Filled PTFE Datasheet

Material Properties

  • Improved thermal dimensional stability
  • Improved creep resistance
  • Improved compression strength
  • Exceptional temperature resistance
  • Excellent chemical stability
  • Excellent electrical insulating properties
  • Reduced friction and wear—low friction behavior
  • Improved surface hardness
Color--Cream to Gray
Specific gravityASTM D792g/cm 32.200–2.250
Water absorptionASTM D570%0.03
FlammabilityUL 94V-0
Tensile strengthASTM D4894MPa≥ 18
ElongationASTM D4894%≥ 200
HardnessASTM D2240Shore D≥ 58
Ball hardnessASTM D785MPa≥ 25
Deformation under load (140 kg/cm 2 for 24 hrs at 23° C)ASTM D621%11–13
Permanent deformation (after 24 hrs relaxation at 23° C)ASTM D621%5.5–7.5
Coefficient of static frictionASTM D18940.18–0.20
Coefficient of dynamic frictionASTM D18940.11–0.13
Wear coefficientcm 3 min 10 -8 / kg m h15–25
Thermal conductivityASTM C177W/mK0.34
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion from 25–100° CASTM D69610 -5 /°C8.9–12.7
Volume resistivityASTM D257ohm·cm10 15
Surface resistivityASTM D257ohm10 14

Service Temperature

fluteck™ P8500 GL has a continuous service temperature range from -100° C (-148° F ) to 250° C (482° F). For limited periods, fluteck™ P8500 GL is capable of sustaining even higher temperatures. Additionally, fluteck™ P8500 GL is capable of satisfactory performance at temperatures down to -200° C (-328° F).

Chemical Resistance

fluteck™ P8500 GL is inert to nearly all known chemicals—except for elemental alkali metals, chlorine trifluoride, and elemental fluorine at high temperature and pressures. Glass fibers are chemically inert except for reactivity to hydrofluoric acid and strong bases.

Solvent Resistance

fluteck™ P8500 GL has insoluble properties in all solvents up to temperatures as high as 300° C (572° F). Certain highly fluorinated oils swell and dissolve PTFE at temperatures close to the crystalline melting point.

Food Contact

fluteck™ P8500 GL is suitable for food contact applications per FDA regulation 21 C.F.R. 177.1550.