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fluteck™ PTFE Rod

Vital Polymers stocks a full line of fluteck™ extruded and molded rods. These are available both as unfilled material and with a variety of fillers, including glass and carbon.

fluteck™ PTFE Tube

Vital Polymers stocks a wide range ODs and IDs in fluteck™ P1000 virgin PTFE extruded tube and offers molded tubes in a variety of standard and custom fillers, including glass, carbon, and moly (MoS₂).

fluteck™ PTFE Sheet

Vital Polymers stocks a full line of PTFE sheet stock ranging from .030 to 6 inches thick in virgin, 25% glass-filled, and 25% carbon-filled PTFE.

fluteck™ PTFE Film

Vital Polymers stocks a full line of fluteck™ P1000 film and skived tape ranging from .002 to .250 inches thick. A variety of other grades and fillers are available upon request.

fluteck™ PTFE Parts

Vital Polymers supplies a wide array of standard and custom finished PTFE parts, including o-rings, backup rings, gaskets, washers, and more.